Are You Judging Me? Why, Yes I am!

Imagine that you’re at the Grocery store:

Clerk: Um, are you really about to purchase that tub of ice cream?
Customer: Yes. (Why else would it be on the belt, Sherlock?)
Clerk: I really think that’s a baaaaad idea. You know that it’s going to go straight to your thighs, right? And, by the looks of things (as she looks you up and down), you don’t need even a spoonful.
Customer: (jumping over the counter with her hands around the clerk’s neck).

Surely, we don’t need to be evaluated on every purchase we make (If I were, I would have such low self-esteem). Being evaluated has its time and place. You may not care to hear what your grocery store clerk has to say about your food options, but you should definitely be interested in what your audience feels about your presentation. If you want to improve, you need to know about the stuff you did right and the crap you did wrong!

Here are 3 ways to get feedback on your next presentation, speech, or company training:

#1 Send a Survey:
*Pass around a quick paper survey asking questions about the presenter, the presentation, the materials, and the content.
*Consider sending an electronic survey using Survey Monkey or similar software.

#2 Recruit a Colleague:
*Do you already know what you’d like to improve on? Tell a colleague and have them look out for that. Ask them about anything else that may help to improve your presentation. Remember my Signature Words? Well, I have a colleague who watches out for lame word usage each time I give an online training.

3 Record Yourself (& Self-Reflection)
*You find so many great tidbits of information about yourself once you see yourself in living color. (You may be pleasantly surprised). Use this video to watch for areas of improvement.

#4 Ask for it!
*I recently did a business meeting and was surprised to find that there was no follow-up debrief.  Since I wanted to improve, I requested a meeting to discuss what I did wrong and what I did right. As Ghandi once said, If you don’t ask, you don’t get. Seek out performance reviews, debriefs, and feedback.

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2 Responses to Are You Judging Me? Why, Yes I am!

  1. Marko says:

    Port Protector Bonnie Jones shot me this link, and I feel compelled to make a shout out to the author.
    Reading through the posts reminds me of “Action” as part of the success equation. That action is being achieved here, and I commend you for it!
    Your insight resonates powerfully, plus I love your humor!
    One Love

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