Are You Sure You’re Prepared to Give Your Next Training?

I generally give the same type of training all of the time – train teachers how to use education software. However, I treat each new training as if it were the first training I was about to give. No matter if it’s the hundredth presentation, I always answer the following questions:

#1 What type of training will take place?  What is the purpose of the training?
Keep In Mind: Think about who the audience is and the information to be learned. Design your training around the gap between what the audience knows now and what they should know by the end of the session.

#2 How do you plan to establish rapport before the training starts?
Consider: contacting the participants prior to the session, sending a survey to understand their training needs
Keep In Mind: Collecting this information can be valuable in preparing for the upcoming training.

#3 What training materials are needed?
Consider: handouts, PowerPoint, flipcharts, writing instruments, flash drive, computer, agenda, post-it notes, breathe mints (don’t forget those!)
Keep In Mind: It may be helpful to create a trainer’s checklist to keep track of everything needed for the training.

#4 Do you know the training day logistics?
Consider: location, time, room arrangement, availability of technology
Keep In Mind: If problems arise (especially with technology), make sure to have a Plan B!

#5 What type of activities will help the participants understand the material? How will you engage the participants?
Consider: group work, brainstorming sessions, games, think-pair-share activities, role-play, using computer software
Keep In Mind: Organize the activities beforehand and think about how the activity fits into the content. Don’t just do an activity just to do one! Think about how to introduce it and other logistics.

#6 What obstacles stand in the way of delivering your content?
Keep In Mind: Your audience will bring preconceived ideas, both positive and negative, about the information you present. Think about how you will deal with individuals who have negative thinking about the information. Yes, you will deal with hecklers!

#7 How will you know the participants have understood the concepts?  How will they demonstrate they have learned the knowledge?
Consider: survey, quiz, game show, demonstration
Keep In Mind: Sometimes the change in knowledge occurs long after the training has ended.

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