Goals 2012: Becoming that ‘hold my head up high when speaking because I know I’m bad’ Communicator

Communication starts with knowing yourself. Knowing both the inner you and how you are perceived by others. Your words say a lot. Your actions say a lot more (just ask my boyfriend after I roll my eyes at him).  This year I plan to focus on building my communication skills to become confident and a better public speaker.

So, here are my communication goals for 2012:

#1 Be Honest When Speaking

Sometimes I don’t feel I’m honest with myself or others when I’m communicating. I say yes to things I really want to say hell no to. I say I will help out with something when I really know I have other things I need to do. I have a hard time speaking my truth.

Now: Wanting to please folks by saying yes I will do things.
The Goal: Be true to my feelings about what I will or will not do and make that vocal.

#2 Deliberate Practice

I read over at Study Hacks that deliberate practice is necessary to improve and become an expert. Deliberate is not haphazard, accidental, or wishy washy. It is spending dedicated amounts of time doing something in order to learn it well. In other words, good ‘ol fashion HARD WORK.

Now:  I practice speeches only when I have one in the near future.
The Goal:  I will practice a speech at least 3 times a week regardless if I have a speech to give or not.

#3 Be an Active Listener

I hate to admit it, but my mind sometimes tends to drift off when people speak to me. It starts to sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Then after a few minutes of being in La la land, I snap back, smile, shake my head in agreement, all the while saying That’s Awesome!

Now:  An occasional Inactive Listener
The Goal:  Really take in what others are saying and respond with critical questions or comments. Be engaged!

#4 Become More Engaging

I am slowly becoming more and more comfortable with speaking in front of people. I would like to be myself when speaking just as much as I am myself when I’m at home. I would like to feel confident, knowledgeable, and in touch with the audience.

Now:  A bit timid and not comfortable with being myself in front of people.
The Goal: Be myself on stage. Be silly. Be engaging. Be active.

What are your goals (communication or otherwise) for the 2012 year?

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4 Responses to Goals 2012: Becoming that ‘hold my head up high when speaking because I know I’m bad’ Communicator

  1. Diliberate practice. I like that. That’s one practice I will learn to adopt.

  2. Great post! I am also working to become a better communicator. I have actually decided to join Toastmasters. Maybe you could check and see if there’s one in your area that would work for you!

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