Keep Speaking: 3 Tips to Get you Talking

Speak in Front of Your Biggest Critic

Your biggest critic is the one who wants you to succeed the most. You know the person, the one who isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. Find this person.  Hunt them down.  Stand boldly in front of her and practice.  She will tell you all of the little things you need to better yourself because she has your best interest in mind.  My best critic is my boyfriend, and he is a nightmare to speak in front of. But, after he has finished criticizing evaluating me, I have walked away knowing more about what I need to improve and I am better for it.

Video Tape Yourself Speaking

It is absolutely terrifying to see or hear yourself speak. Seriously, when I sit down to view a recorded video of myself, I literally have to psyche myself up to view it. But, it is one of the most beneficial things I have done to improve my speaking. With a video, you will quickly realize:

  • You don’t look as foolish or as nervous as you felt when giving the speech.
  • You can see your terrible (or amazing) use of gestures.
  • You can see whether or not you are making good eye contact.
  • You can learn so much more about your authentic speaking self.

 Use Every Speaking Opportunity

If you are given a chance to speak, then speak. Use that opportunity to get yourself out there and let your voice be heard. If you want to be a speaker, you will have to speak. Kobe Bryant didn’t become a great basketball player by sitting in his room dreaming of playing basketball. He got out to the court and played some ball. The same is true for speaking. You need to do less dreaming and more speaking.

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